BWF-Widget gathers Metadata and Time-Code from Broadcast Wave Files
New Additions to BWF Widget & BWF-Widget Pro

New Additions to BWF Widget, BWF-Widget Pro & BWF-D-Base

Last update 6/4/12


      BWF-Widget Pro Version 1.196 Various small bug fixes and corrected Batch File Rename problem for Zaxcom files with False Start take number with trailing X losing that designation.


      BWF Widget Pro Version 1.192 fixed small bug that caused program to lose "Always on Top" status if BWF-Widget Pro window was minimized to the task bar then restored.

      BWF-D-Base Version 1.75 fixed "Unknown Error" when trying to run on some VISTA computers. Caused by color depth settings and the lack of a the alpha channel in the Icon files.


      BWF Widget Pro Version 1.191 fixed window management so it will work with smaller displays like those on Netbooks like the Acer Aspire One and EEE PC or touch screens as low a rez as 800x600. Time Code window will now pop up on the right side of the screen if you don't have enough vertical resolution to display it below the Metadata window. Debug and Tweak window was re-arranged and will pop up over the bottom of the Metadata window to allow you access to those features on tiny laptops.

      BWF Widget Pro Version 1.188 Added support for using files Time of Day Stamp as Time Code Reference for files without Time Code.
Fixed Bug in BWF-O-Matic that sometimes caused Batch processed files to be trimmed to a shorter length.


      BWF Widget Pro Version 1.187 fixed a couple of bugs relating to foot pedal use for transcription.
Fixed "Invalid Com Port" error when launching program and you previously enabled the foot pedal control. Also now properly maintains the status and com port of the Foot Pedal.
Trapped error generated when MS Word does not properly release the clipboard when BW-Pro tries to copy the Time Code to it.

      BWF Widget Pro Version 1.185 made conversion to broadcast Wav and saving cue marks more stable and robust when working with non-compliant Wav files.
Added MP2 as a file extension shown in "all Files" selection
Added feature to set running time code display to file's time date stamp minus the files length with single click (Useful for non Time Code files)
Added more MP3 Metadata shown in metadata window including File Date and File Time as well as calculated date stored in user bits.
Added ability to show files Time of Day in Grid column. (Useful for sorting MP3 and non BWF files by their file Time/Date)


      BWF Widget Pro Version 1.180 fixed bug in ALE file creation for PAL files.
Made program less likely to quit unexpectedly when run on MS Vista without having Administrator privileges turned on.
Added adjustable Auto-Backspace feature to Foot Pedal control for Transcription Playback.

      BWF Widget Pro Version 1.177 fixed 2 small bugs.
Fixed bug that prevented proper playback of AVI files for transcription.
Fixed cosmetic Bug related to re-sizing the Time Code Window and positioning of markers on timeline when playing AVI or MP3 files.


      BWF Widget Pro Version 1.175 added the following features.
Will play and edit metadata on SD744T created FLAC files (lossless compressed multi-track files)
Will play FLAC files with running time code
Added ability to switch off iXML metadata parsing to speed up filling grid on large folders.
Added ability to detect and mark files with odd byte counts in the audio data which may be problematic in other applications.
Added ability to batch correct odd-length files (mono or odd byte count poly files) so they will load in AVID and Pro-Tools

      BWF Widget Pro Version 1.160 added the following features:
Added new ALE file creation. BWF-Widget Pro can now export its data files in Avid's ALE (Avid Log Exchange) format
which allows import of the metadata including notes and track names collected from BWF files directly into the various Avid editing systems
as well as Final Cut Pro and some Pro Tools versions.
Added "Always on Top" checkbox under "Foot Pedal Settings" so BWF-Widget Pro can be kept on top of other applications.
Useful for shot logging and transcription where a word processor is in the foreground and BWP is working in a smaller window.

      BWF-D-Base Version 1.6 added the following:
Added ability to export collected metadata as ALE (Avid Log Exchange) file for easy import into AVID or Final Cut Pro database.
Added ability to save a selection or sub-section from the Main Grid or Search Grid to a new data file (including the ALE file export).

      BWF Widget Pro Version 1.158 added the following features:& fixes
Added Printer Settings Menu to set any aspect of the printer.
Added adjustable top margin for Header in printing of Sound Reports.
Added quick-click "Copies" setting in Options menu for printing multiple copies of sound reports.
Added "Tape" field as a new choice to be added in the Data Grid.
Added ability to turn off auto date setting in Date field of Report Header.
Added new "Q-2-Q" playback mode. Useful for firing off a series of audio cues during a live performance or scene.
Added more support for iXML data. BWP will now search both the bext chunk and the iXML chunk for its needed data.
Fixed noisy playback when rewinding with foot pedal control
Added "Unparsed Comments Mode" to support BWF files that have only comments in the Bext chunk. (puts all data unparsed in Notes field in grid)
Added scrolling bar to Notes field so Longer notes in the comments field will be completely viewable.
Added new 3/2pulldown compensation for Off-Speed playback. Now it correctly calculates off-speed settings for 24 frame film with 30 fr. Timecode.
Re-Arranged the Metadata layout in Metadata info window to group like things together.

      BWF Widget Pro Version 1.154 Added the following new features:
Added ability to easily edit field name labels in Sound Report Header
Added F4 key to quickly mark Printed Takes in Data Grid.
Added Batch conversion of plain PCM wav files to Broadcast Wave Files with custom Time Code Stamp
Added ability to convert single PCM wav file to Broadcast Wave File so TC stamp can be added.
Added BWF-O-Matic with new File Join and File Split and track re-arrange for Registered BWF-Widget Pro users.

      BWF-O-Matic Version 1.6 -- 1st. release version. (included with registered version of BWF-Widget Pro 1.154) BWF-O-Matic adds following features:
Ability to split poly files to BWF mono and maintain all metadata and time code.
Ability to extract a small segment out of a longer file and maintain sync and Metadata. Poly or Mono. (up to 24 Tracks)
Ability to Add blank handles of any length to the head or tail of any BWF mono or poly file
Ability to Join or Interleave BWF-Mono files into a multi-track BWF-Poly file.
Ability to Sequentially Join end to end several shorter files into a single longer BWF file.
Automatic generation of Cue Markers for Sequentially Joined files.
Ability to re-arrange the chunks of the file (placing the bext chunk first) to allow compatibility with SD744 and SD702t Machines.
Batch Processing of Split or Track extraction from a list of files.

      BWF Widget Pro Version 1.151 Changed Hot Key for Print Preview from Ctrl+V (Reserved for paste function) to CTRL+W.


      BWF Widget Pro Version 1.150 Added the following:
Sound Report Printing with Header containing Project & Disk info.
Print Preview of Sound Report
Easy Choice of Portrait or Landscape Printing from Options window.
Allow specific printer to be defined for Report Printing from Options Menu
Wireless Remote Playback Control using Presentation Controller.
Hot Key Control of Countdown Beeps and Pre-Roll amount.
Movable Out-Cue Mark to automatically Re-Cue to a Marker when playback reaches Out-Cue point.
Ability to Launch BWF-O-Matic from registered versions of BWF-Widget Pro.


      BWF-Widget Pro Version 1.144 added the following.
Added Auto Play Next Option. Automatically plays all files in Grid or File list in order
Added visualization display to media control to allow bars and scope display.
Added F12 key tap feature to set Beep Interval
Fixed Cue writing problems caused by Tascam HD-P2 Files with inaccurate RIFF file lengths in header.

      BWF-Widget Pro Version 1.142 added the following:
Added ability to play 24bit and multi-track(up to 10 track) files on 16 bit 2 channel hardware.
Added ability to set new Start Time Code and save it to BWF files Updating TC Stamp..
Added ability to set Time Code at any point in a file (Re-calculates start time stamp).
Added ability to instantly move anywhere in a file by just clicking on Tracker bar.
Fixed occasional rounding errors improving accuracy of Time Code in grid.
Fixed Bug causing Data Grid to close when canceling "Save As" function.


      BWF-Widget Pro Version 1.139 And BWF-Widget Version 1.121 fixed "Save Selected Data As" function in Data Grid.


      BWF-Widget Pro Version 1.138 added the following:
Added Foot Pedal Controls For Transcription and Logging.
Added Mix-down to Mono MP3 File function


      BWF-Widget Pro Version 1.136 Fixed Column Widths for added columns bug.
Fixed Filename Column Missing from printouts without Path column and Hide Path Checked.
Added ability to change and save the Font Size of the Data Grid.
Put default Bwfwidget.inf file in installation so it will automatically be removed on uninstall.

      BWF-Widget Pro Version 1.135 Added the following:
Added Batch Encoding MP3 with Time Code & Metadata in ID3 Tag
Added MP3 Playback with TC.& Scene and Take data
Added load and save of User Set Column widths for Data Grid
Added Auto adjust Column Width of Data Grid
Added WMA File Playback .
Added automatic Red Tagging of files with duplicate or overlapping Time Code
Added ability to Change TC Offset for Playback. of Files that have no Time Stamp
Added ability to auto capture Time code to Clipboard on Pause or Play.


      BWF-Widget Version 1.20 and BWF-Widget Pro Version 1.30 -- Addressed Additional Registration Problems on International Versions. and Possible Startup Bugs in International Versions of Windows (non-English Versions).
Added Status Bar to BWF-Widget Pro..

      BWF-Widget Ver 1.15 and BWF-Widget Pro Version 1.126 --Fixed short trial period bug for European Windows users

      BWF-Widget Pro Version 1.125 Added the following:
Support for both PCM and MPEG compressed Broadcast Wave Files
Support of metadata parsing for Fairlight MFX-3 BWF Files.
Reads Frame rate Metadata (TC Speed) in DEVA IV & V files
Added Countdown Beeps with or without Pre-Roll from Cue Marks
Added Batch File Processor for Sample Rate Pull up and Pull down
Added Batch File Rename for renaming files with Scene and Take Info.
Small appearance and operation bug fixes Improving Hot Key Playback

      BWF-Widget Pro Version. 1.118 Added new file management tools (Red Tagging).
Added ability to remove Red-Tagged files from grid and copy Red-Tagged files to new location
Added ability to Add, Move, and Save Cue Marks in any wave or BWF file.
Refined playback controls. Added new keyboard controls for playback cuing.
Added cue mark numbers in TC window.

      BWF-Widget 1.14 & BWF-Widget Pro 1.111 - Fixed bug when viewing very large files > 2 Gigabytes
BWF-Widget Pro - Printing features improved to do auto column-width and pagination.
Settings are now saved every time you close the Options Window
Improved stability when loading non-BWF wave files
Both programs now support files that have been edited in Samplitude.
Supports files with up to 11 chunks. (most only have 3 or 4)



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