BWF-Widget gathers Metadata and Time-Code from Broadcast Wave Files

You can think of it as kind of a digital dubber that can create either single or multiple copies of the source file with any of the source tracks mapped to any number and any position of the output tracks. It can also be used to split long files into shorter more manageable sizes.

BWF-O-Matic is a companion program to BWF-Widget Pro. While BWF-Widget Pro deals mainly with Metadata, BWF-O-Matic is designed to non-destructively slice and dice Broadcast Wav Files while maintaining all the metadata and Time Code from the original file.  The program works primarily from a single Source File which can be Mono or Poly from 1 to 24 Tracks. It creates any number of destination files in any number of destination folders with any number of tracks (up to 24) in any number of arrangements.

BWF-O-Matic also will allow you to trim a broadcast wave file so the resulting destination files contain only a portion of the source file.   There is also a Batch Mode for operating on a number of source files from a batch list.  This is useful for splitting BWF Poly Files into BWF-Mono Tracks or for Pulling a series of 2-channel stereo mix tracks out of an 8 Track Poly files.  You can also create new files with different track arrangements or blank certain tracks while others are maintained.

In the "File Joiner" mode, BWF-O-Matic can be used to interleave or join several BWF Mono files into a single BWF Poly file. Also Handles can be added to files for required lead-in time that was not part of the original recording. This feature can be used to merge in an LTC time code track with  an audio file to be used for playback.  In the "Join End to End" Mode, several short files can be strung together in sequence creating a compilation in a single BWF output file. Useful for interviews and other situations where several shorter pieces need to be strung together into a single file for playback in sequence.

Whenever possible, BWF-O-Matic will always retain all proprietary chunks from the main file and will adjust the Time Code stamp when the file is trimmed or Handles are added so perfect sync is always  maintained. BWF-O-Matic works with any uncompressed PCM Broadcast Wave File (or standard PCM Wav file) from any of the various Production Recorder or Workstation manufacturers. It cannot be used with MPEG compressed files.

BWF-O-Matic is Free and is installed automatically with BWF-Widget Pro  but only becomes accessible after paid registration.  It is not available separate from BWF-Widget Pro at this time.

is FREE but available
exclusively to
registered users
of BWF-Widget Pro.

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